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All services for traditional listings are paid for by the seller in the form of a commission.

Without meticulous planning, sales can be subject to loss of profit, which is why Red Suit conducts evaluations with accuracy. We thoroughly take into account the details that may seem niche or minute in order to find a property’s full value. The traditional real estate model started in the late 1800’s and has evolved and changed overtime. However, the premise consists of a sales commission that is always negotiable. However, for illustration purpose we will show the following example:

Sellers Home is Listed with an Exclusive Agent for a 6% commission. Seller will list the home for $100,000. The exclusive agent will create a listing in the multiple listing service. This is a co-op listing service. Any agent that shows the home, without an exclusive buyer agency agreement, is in essence working on behalf of the seller. They have a fiduciary responsibility to the seller. If they happen to have an exclusive buyer agency agreement and bring a buyer, they have a fiduciary responsibility to the buyer. The agent that shows the home now has an exclusive buyer agreement.

The buyer visits the property and makes an offer for purchase. The offer is $100,000 which is the asking price. The seller accepts the offer and the buyer proceeds to closing at a determined time in the contract. So, the proceeds of the sale are as follows:

$100,000 Sale Price
6% Commission

  • $6,000 Commission paid by Seller.
  • $3,000 3% Listing Agency Split Paid by Seller
  • $1,050 35% to Agency
  • $1,950 65% to Agent
  • $3000 3% Buyer Agency Split Paid by Seller
  • $300 10% to Agency
  • $2,700 90% to Agent
  • $495 Transaction Fee Paid to Agency from Agent
  • $2,205 Agent Clears.
  • $795 Agency Clears.

    The Agency may be independent or a franchise. They may have a brick-and-mortar location or online only. They may represent both buyers and sellers as a dual agency. The Agent is a contractor for the agency. The following is a list of duties performed to earn their commissions:

  • They Prospect Many Properties
  • They Hold Public Open Houses
  • They Attend/Hold Broker Open Houses
  • They Take Calls for Showings
  • They Market Their Properties Relentlessly
  • They Analyze Comparable Properties
  • They Negotiate
  • They Draft Up Legal Contracts
  • They Show Up for Home Inspections
  • They Get All Documents Delivered and Signed
  • They Recommend Other Industry Professionals
  • Participate in Continuing Education
  • Auctioneer John was professional and caring in picking up and auctioning my mother's furniture and belongings. He made a difficult time manageable for my family.

    -Cindy K.

    I appreciate John's notary service very much because of his flexibility. Recently, I realized I needed a notary after business hours. I reached out to John and he was happy to help. He even came to my home as he was in my area. Thank you, John!

    -David Bailey

    John Palinkas is a great real estate agent. He helped me sell my Dad's house. He is honest and works hard for you. You can be sure he will get the best price he can for you.

    -Tommy Nicholson Sr.

    We made $2536 on Saturday, and earlier we had sold $700 of furniture. We are very happy with this first event,  We also feel you made a big difference in what we got. Thanks again for your help!

    -Ladies of Berea Acch

    Thank you very much for being our realtor and for auctioning off half of our goods that we did not move to our new location. It was a great idea to auction off the house. It has sparked a lot of interest and we finally sold it for a great price with very reasonable costs from your side. We were v

    -Susan and Kemal

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