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doing it with yard-sale experience can be overwhelming. Red Suit oversees Estate Auctions to ensure the smoothness of the process and removes the stress from the seller. Buyers should feel they are in an environment where they can secure the property they want with ease; Red Suit ensures that ease, bringing an air of comfort and confidence for both bidders and sellers.

The auction method of marketing is one of the world’s earliest professions. In fact, this unique method of selling literally dates back to thousands of years and the reason for this is quite simple. Auctions are the quickest and most efficient method of selling goods at market value. Truly professional auctioneers are full-time professionals that typically have years of experience and an extensive educational background in the auction industry! What is an Auction?

The term “Auction” means the sale of goods or real estate by means of exchanges between an auctioneer and members of the audience in a controlled environment. The controlled environment may be online and/or onsite. The exchanges consist of a series of invitations for offers made by a licensed auctioneer to members of the audience. This results in acceptance of the highest and most favorable offer.

The Method of conducting an auction consists of:

  • Appraising the Merchandise - We research the property and utilize our expertise to determine the value of all items. In real estate sales, we research current and past sales to offer a Comparative Market Analysis.
  • Advertising the Sale - Marketing is the key to success in any sale. We work with our seller to create an advertising budget. Our goal is to reach potential buyers utilizing media with as many impressions as possible. This may include social media, banner ads, print, local radio promotions and yard signs.
  • Repair and Clean up Items - Presentation is key in getting the best price. We will work with you to determine any repairs, cleaning, polishing, etc. needed to increase the value of your items. For real estate sales, we may offer suggestions for inspections, repairs, warranties or home staging.
  • Keep Financial Sale Records - We keep a log of items sold and the price that was paid. In addition, we maintain compliance with Real Estate Law as well as Auction Law by insuring there are written contracts for any activity we offer.
  • Clean the site after the Sale - When the sale is over, we will tidy up by picking up debris, securing unsold items and leaving the site as it was found prior to the sale. For additional fees, we can offer cleanouts and/or housekeeping services to prep the property for sale or rent. Our goal is to be a Turnkey Operation.

    Auction Seller Benefits:  Sales draw attention and help interested buyers make decisions, creates competition among buyers, exposes property to many qualified prospects, eliminates high carrying costs, the seller determines when property will sell, the process takes the seller out of the negotiation process, converts all your items into cash, buyer’s come prepared to buy.

    Auction Buyer Benefits:Purchase property at true market value, eliminate long negotiation periods, buyers know sellers are motivated to sell, expose your assets to a larger pool of qualified buyers.

    Auction Buyer and Seller Benefits: Establish a floor and eliminates the ceiling on pricing, fully transparent and recognized as being fair to all parties in the marketplace, only method that truly reveals the current fair market value, satisfy governmental and judicial requirements, create excitement within the marketplace.

    We Conduct any or all of the following types of Sales:
  • Live Auction
  • Onsite
  • Online
  • Combo
  • Timed
  • Online Only
  • Estate Sale
  • Tag Sale Onsite
  • Household Cleanouts

    We Have Conducted the Following Types of Auctions:
  • Estate Auctions
  • Personal Property Auctions
  • Business Liquidations
  • Benefit Auctions
  • Tag Sales

  • Auctioneer John was professional and caring in picking up and auctioning my mother's furniture and belongings. He made a difficult time manageable for my family.

    -Cindy K.

    I appreciate John's notary service very much because of his flexibility. Recently, I realized I needed a notary after business hours. I reached out to John and he was happy to help. He even came to my home as he was in my area. Thank you, John!

    -David Bailey

    John Palinkas is a great real estate agent. He helped me sell my Dad's house. He is honest and works hard for you. You can be sure he will get the best price he can for you.

    -Tommy Nicholson Sr.

    We made $2536 on Saturday, and earlier we had sold $700 of furniture. We are very happy with this first event,  We also feel you made a big difference in what we got. Thanks again for your help!

    -Ladies of Berea Acch

    Thank you very much for being our realtor and for auctioning off half of our goods that we did not move to our new location. It was a great idea to auction off the house. It has sparked a lot of interest and we finally sold it for a great price with very reasonable costs from your side. We were v

    -Susan and Kemal

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