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Get The Best Deals + A Rebate

We help you take a few steps away from the buying process to remove buyer's stress.

We get our work done quickly and efficiently. Your comfort through the process is important to us, and we have created a workflow that allows our clients to have time to rest during the buying process. You should depend on us, not the other way around; we make this happen, and our experienced agents make it happen promptly.


Get The Best Deals + A Rebate

Our model helps the buyer get a rebate due to the reduced percentage of agent fees. This model allows our clients to walk away with more

Make Buying Fast and Easy

We help you take a few steps away from the buying process to remove buyer's stress. We get our work done quickly and efficiently. Your comfort

Agents You can Trust

Hand selected agents that tailor the work to your needs. Our agents have been vetted and have a track record of staying on task. They find

Auctioneer John was professional and caring in picking up and auctioning my mother's furniture and belongings. He made a difficult time manageable for my family.

-Cindy K.

I appreciate John's notary service very much because of his flexibility. Recently, I realized I needed a notary after business hours. I reached out to John and he was happy to help. He even came to my home as he was in my area. Thank you, John!

-David Bailey

John Palinkas is a great real estate agent. He helped me sell my Dad's house. He is honest and works hard for you. You can be sure he will get the best price he can for you.

-Tommy Nicholson Sr.

We made $2536 on Saturday, and earlier we had sold $700 of furniture. We are very happy with this first event,  We also feel you made a big difference in what we got. Thanks again for your help!

-Ladies of Berea Acch

Thank you very much for being our realtor and for auctioning off half of our goods that we did not move to our new location. It was a great idea to auction off the house. It has sparked a lot of interest and we finally sold it for a great price with very reasonable costs from your side. 

We were very impressed by your professionalism and for keeping your promises. You took perfect care about everything, exactly as discussed. Due to health issues, we put a lot on your shoulders.

Auctioning a house is an interesting idea. We were skeptical at the beginning, but it went very well.

We had moved just 50% of our belongings. We had no time and strength to sell the items that we did not want to move. We would have given away the items for free. John has organized an online auction to sell off all belongings and they did sell within a few days for a significant amount without any involved from our side. We were very surprised by that again, it was exactly what he had told us upfront. 

He and his team had invested a lot of time to get everything done. That was outstanding and we were very grateful for all his work and support.

-Susan and Kemal

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